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Roberto Vola-Luhrs

Roberto Vola-LurhsRoberto Vola Luhrs, Ph.D. Political Science, is a graduate in Human Resources at the Buenos Aires University. Since 1986 he is a professor in three prominent Argentine Universities.

He is Vice-President of Voyer International S.A. and was previously a partner of one of the top ten International Executive Search Companies.

He also worked as a Senior consultant in Interim Career Consulting, Inc., an international company that specializes, among other things, in executive evaluation interviews.

Roberto is the co-author of a book on Human Resources for people who are not specialized in the subject and has also published several papers which have been shown in seminars and conferences held in the Argentine and abroad.

Roberto has worked as a Manager in Human Resources in a Japanese company (NEC) and as Manager of Social Policies in Human Resources in SIEMENS.

He has specialized in State of the Art Technology and Telecommunications as a result of his work with the previously mentioned companies. During that period he lived in several countries such as Germany, Venezuela and Japan.

He has also held a post as General Manager in Human Resoures in Arcor, one of the most important Business Groups of the Argentine. This company is specialized in food, chocolates, candies, cardboard, amongst other things and has facilities in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

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