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Ricardo Mayer

Ricardo MayerRicardo Mayer is a graduate in Law from Buenos Aires University.

He has an academic profile as University Professor of two of the most prestigious institutions since 1994. He has also served as Conference Speaker and Executive Member of different Professional Associations.

He is the Vice president of Voyer International S.A. He worked as Human Resources Manager of an Asian company, one of the tops High-tech organizations around the world.

He has specialized in Human Resources. During his performance for a German multinational enterprise, he was devoted to the relationship between the company and the Unions.

Later on, while he was working for the company mentioned before, he focused his job in Career Planning and Human Resources Development.

One of his major achievements was his participation in the team that led to the successful acquisition of an important American company.

Furthermore, he has remarkable experience in joint-venture dissolution between one of the companies of a local holding and an international firm in 1997.

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