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Osvaldo Capoulat

Osvaldo CapoulatOsvaldo Capoulat is Ph.D. in Business Administration from Buenos Aires University.

He is an experienced business manager with an extensive professional career in Argentina and Brazil.

He was CEO for Socma Foods Latin America, one of the biggest Argentina Holdings. He brought his experience in consumer food-products to build up a new business for this group in Argentina.After that he was responsible for the successful launching of the company in Brasil.

He worked for Molinos Rio de la Plata, the Argentine subsidiary of one of the largest grain and food conglomerates in the world (Bunge), where he was a key player in the development of the marketing, distribution, new businesses and international areas.

He held many Senior Management positions and was member of the Board of Directors in companies such us: Matarazzo (Vice President), Fanacoa (President), Tres Cruces, all of them leading companies in food products in the Region.

During his career he led teams in charge of acquisitions, restructurings, rescues and join-ventures as well as divestment of companies.

He is an active participant in several institutions such as the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, Copal, Argentine Chamber of Advertising, Brazil-Argentine Chamber of Commerce, he was founder member and Vice President of Codigo, an institution responsible for bar coding regulation in Argentina.

Mr. Capoulat was invited lecturer in several national and international conferences related to business and distribution.

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