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Daniel Feraud

Daniel FeraudDaniel Feraud is an Industrial Engineer, who graduated in the Buenos Aires University.

He has an MBA from Columbia University, New York.

He started his carreer at J.P. Morgan with focus in Commercial Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Later he joined the Bunge Group, one of the most powerful groups in the Argentine and Latin America. He was General Manager and Vice President of Compañía Química a leading house hold cleaning Products corporation.

Before joining Voyer International he worked as General Manager for the International Division of the Arcor Group and was responsible for the subsidiaries the Group had in U.S.A., Perú, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, exporting to over 70 countries in the world.

Currently he is a Founding Member and director of Urbana 21, a corporation dedicated to Real Estate Development.

He is a Consultant for the Corpora Group (Chile) and two manufacturing local companies.

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